How it works

It is easy to install our solar roof. To make it even easier for you we have recorded an installation video and divided the process into clear steps.

Building permit (bygglov in Swedish)

Since Midsummer solar roofs has solar panels that follow the shape of the building there is since August 1 2018, within planned areas, no need for a building permit, as long as you today have metal roof. If you change the roofing material i.e. from tile to Midsummer solar roofs you need a building permit. Usually there is no need for a building permit in areas that are not planned.


Midsummer solar roofs can easily be mounted by a handy person or by your local contractor. Please note that the electrical installation, which is up to one day of work, needs to be done by a certified electrician. If you need help finding a local contractor, please contact us and we will assist you, you find our contact details in footer.

Receive the solar grant

The solar grant is 30 % and it is paid by the local county (Länsstyrelse). We will do the application for you. The total annual budget is 915 million SEK for 2018-2020.

Use your solar electricity

Enjoy your solar electricity. Below we have calculated the value of your solar electricity on the Swedish market per kWh. The calculations are based on the electricity consumption for a Swedish standard villa in the Stockholm area with 25,000 kWh in annual electricity consumption and electricity generation from 10 kW of solar panels. The distribution of the consumption and the generation during the year doesn’t overlap and our calculations show that 60 % of the generated solar electricity can be consumed while 40 % is sold. This depends on the higher consumption due to higher heating needs during winter when the production is lower. During summer it is the other way around when the production from the solar panels is greater than the consumption, giving the surplus that can be sold.


Used solar electricity 1000 kWh
Spot price (annual average 2018) 360 SEK
Energy tax 325 SEK
Variable grid fee (based on a common grid fee in Sweden, check with your grid supplier) 400 SEK
Total value for 1000 kWh 1350 SEK
Total value per kWh 1.35 SEK/kWh


Sell your surplus

The calculations based on the electricity consumption and annual distribution in a normal house in Stockholm with an annual electricity consumption of 25,000 kWh shows that 60 % of the produced electricity can be used in the house and 40 % can be sold to the grid.

Your compensation for the sold electricity comes from the five sources below.

Compensation from your electricity trading company (the company you buy electricity from)

The company you buy electricity from are bound by law to buy your surplus electricity production. The compensation they pay is the spot price on the Nordpool (the Nordic electricity exchange market) plus possible additions. The annual average spot price for Nordpool was 0.36 SEK/kWh for the 1st quarter of 2018. Your compensation is free from VAT as long as it is below 30,000 SEK/year, which is the case for most solar roof installations. Your electricity trading company will then pay you without VAT.

Tax credit

Tax credit – for physical person or legal entity of 0.60 SEK/kWh up to 30,000 kWh/year and 18,000 SEK/year.

Compensation for grid benefit

When you produce electricity and sell it to the grid, it can be used by your neighbors which decrease the need for transporting electricity long distances and thus reduces the wear on the grid. For that your grid owner compensates you with 0.03 -0.07 SEK/kWh.

Electricity certificate and origin guarantees

  1. Electricity certificate – is an economic grant for producers of renewable electricity. For every 1000 kWh the installation produces you receive 1 electric certificate from the Swedish state. The certificates can be sold on an open market where the price is set between the sellers and buyers. The annual average price was 0.09 SEK/kWh for the 1st quarter of 2018.
  2. Origin guarantees – are electronic documents guaranteeing the origin production source of the electricity. The purpose is for the end customer to gain knowledge of the origin production source of the electricity. For every 1000 kWh that the installation produces you receive 1 origin guarantee from the Swedish state. The origin guarantees are sold by electricity producers and bought by electricity users. The price varies and is around 0.01 SEK/kWh.


Over production 1000 kWh
Spot price (annual average 2018) 360 SEK
Tax credit 600 SEK
Compensation for grid benefit 50 SEK
Electricity certificate (annual average 2018) 90 SEK
Origin guaranties 10 SEK
Total compensation for 1000 kWh 1110 SEK
Total compensation per kWh 1.11 SEK/kWh

Demands needed to qualify for selling production surplus

To be able to sell your production surplus and get the compensation above you need to fulfill the demands below.

  1. You have a feed in subscription with your grid supplier.
  2. Your produce renewable electricity.
  3. Your installation has a main fuse of maximum 63 A and your maximum feed in capacity is 43,5 kW. A standard Swedish main fuse for a house is 16 A and normal roof top solar installation is 5-10 kW.
  4. You need to be connected to the electrical grid.
  5. Feed in and consumption uses the same main fuse and electricity meter.
  6. You buy more electricity than you sell on an annual basis.

Add batteries and receive additional grants

Midsummer solar roofs also sells batteries for the storage of solar electricity. Contact us to learn more; you find our contact details in the footer. The batteries are also eligible for a grant of 60 % for up to 50,000 SEK.